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Read This If Your Inner Critic Is Taking Over

Are you ever OVERLY CRITICAL with yourself?

Today I was taking pictures and it literally seemed to be taking me f o r e v e r ...⁣

I was trying so hard to get the „perfect photo“...⁣

And yet, the harder I tried, the WORSE the photos seemed to turn out.⁣

„Ugh, your hair is so messy in this“⁣

„That pose is way to stiff, it doesn’t look natural“ ⁣

„The angle is unflattering, your body looks weird“⁣

With every new attempt, the self-critical thoughts got louder.⁣

With every new attempt, I got a tiny little more mad at myself for just not getting it right .....⁣

Until I at one point, something within me shifted.⁣⁣

I stopped - and silently sat there for a few seconds..

shocked, when I realized what had just been going on with my mind there 🤯⁣


„Woah, why did I just give these intrusive thoughts so much power over the way I see myself?“ ⁣⁣

„Why did I allow them to affect me in this way?“⁣

You see, I think we all had experiences with our inner mean girl - that‘s what I like to call her 😆- before ...⁣

It’s the part of us that feels deeply insecure about who we are... and CONSTANTLY tries to compare us to others.⁣

The part of you that has you believe your value can be measured by things like your appearance, your skills, your grades, your level of income...⁣ ⁣(hint: it can‘t) ⁣⁣

I quickly picked myself up and realized how irrational thoughts were;⁣⁣

and how all they did was WASTE MY TIME. ⁣

And so I went through those very first photos I had taken again... ⁣

but left the „mean girl attitude“ out of the equation, this time 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣

Voilà, no more than 10 seconds later I made my decision 👀⁣

I actually ended up choosing the 2nd (of approx. 30) pics I had taken.... ⁣

(could’ve saved me at least half an hour of running back and forth between my camera & my chair 🌚🌚⁣⁣)

Anyways, done is better than „perfect“ guys! 💗

With love,



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