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Allow Your Best Work To Come Through (Don’t Make This Mistake!)

It‘s a fact that the painting process is less glamorous than it is often being presented.

You know these tutorial videos where everything is perfectly set up and it looks like the artist knows EXACTLY what they’re doing?


*can‘t relate* 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sure, I do have a rough idea in my head before I start.

But mostly, I could not explain to you what I’m doing.

(Or at least not in a way that it would sound super “logical“ 😅)

I’m simply figuring it out as I go - allowing my inspiration to guide me through the process.

And yes that involves chilling in sweatpants with a huge ass tea cup by my side, being surrounded by 10000 color palettes; colorful tissues and paint tubes everywhere.

I used to think that everything had to be „perfect“ right from the beginning.

I believed that MAKING a mess would make ME a mess.

When this could not be further from the truth!

I had to learn to be more spontaneous and easy-going in the way I approach things.

I challenged my fear of “messing up“ (and creating a mess around me, lol).

And in doing that,

I learned that embracing the chaotic journey is what leads to CLARITY.

That when you stop judging yourself...

You allow your most authentic, beautiful work to come through.

So don't make the chaos your enemy.

Push through the fear of getting your hands dirty.

Embrace spontaneity.

DO the damn thing!

... and then let me know how AWESOME it felt.

with love,



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