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About the artist


Welcome to my studio! I'm Patricia Ochudlo,

an abstract realist painter from Germany. 


For the past three years, I've been self-representing and sharing my work with a community of thousands of like-minded souls from around the globe.

Through my work, I aim to capture the light and warmth within us. To inspire others to explore who they really are, embody their greatest version and bring their dreams into existence. 


Each of my paintings is a portal to help you be empowered as your true self and work your light.




Patricia Ochudlo is a mixed-media artist from Germany.
Her paintings can be described as realism with abstract, surrealistic and romantic elements, portraying a dreamy, mystical atmosphere.
Focusing on the sensual nature of art, she aspires to express beauty, authenticity, hope and deep emotion through the way she combines color, texture and symbolism.
She is fascinated by the way art opens us up 
to new perspectives -aiming to challenge others‘ perception of their inner world and the world around them.
Her goal is to have someone look at her art; and then to look within themselves - taking them on a spiritual, inner journey of exploring their own feelings and connecting with their heart.
Like Kosinski once said, “The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke,“ she also lives by this.
Art for her is meant to inspire;
it is what feeds the visual senses of the human soul.
for direct questions or business inquiries please write an email to
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