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Welcome, gorgeous!

I'm so happy you're here.

I'm Patricia. And I believe that nothing compares

to the way art nurtures our body, mind and soul.

Back in 2018, after a time of feeling exhausted and empty I first picked up my paint brushes again - and something interesting happened:
In the course of only a couple of months I went from barely surviving and being severely underweight to feeling purposeful and alive again.
I soon realized that art had initiated my journey of growth and self-realization - and felt a deep urge to move others through my creations.

Today, my art radiates beauty and hope.

It is inspired by the depth of our souls and the warmth of our hearts.

Each piece carries a unique message inspiring you to connect with your most authentic and aligned self.
I hope you love all I have to offer.


What people are saying...

"Patricia's work 

is fantastic!"

- Leon Löwentraut, artist

(Forbes 30 under 30)

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